International Single Travel

“I’m single so should I travel solo or in a group?”

International Single Travel

International Single Travel  - A common question we often get is, “I’m single so should I travel solo or in a group?”  This is a big decision for everyone, even if you are the most experienced traveler. There are pro’s and con’s to both solo and group travel, but there are some extra benefits in travelling with an organized group tour that cannot be denied.


Experienced knowledge

Whether your group trip is to Italy, Greece, Thailand or Costa Rica, there are a large number of choices on what to do, where to eat, what is the best vantage point for horizon photo’s, which bridge in Venice give the best gondola views, why a particular time is best to avoid the crowds, how to bargain for the best shopping deals, and so on.

This is where your group leader’s experience and knowledge will be the most appreciated. Not only will your group leader know all the information in the guide books, they will also have first-hand experience where to go and what to avoid.


Doing your own Thing and Shared Experiences

Many travelers like to get out and travel the world on their own. There is a sense of independent freedom, accomplishment, and excitement in that for sure! A good group tour should provide that happy medium between freedom of choice as to how your time is spent, and highly recommended and unique programmed activities. Whether the scheduled tours are to a Greek Island on a private boat, or whooping it up a German beer festival, you can pick and choose which ones to participate in. By the end of the trip, with a good balance of doing your own thing and incredible shared experiences, you will have bonded with fascinating from people from all over the world, and have fond memories of shared experiences with your new friends.


 Treasures on the Road Less Traveled

The best part about our group trips and tours is that while the basic path has been mapped out, there is a lot of room for change and spontaneity. Your tour guide may have listed a day of castle viewing, but over breakfast you all decide to change that up and visit a little know historic village a few clicks up in the hill, or take a wine tour on a private estate and have a relaxing afternoon of tasting their specialty wines while nibbling on exquisite cheeses.


These spontaneous exploration experiences are highly encouraged at Accent in Travel, where you will never travel alone!

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